The Old Dog Shiraz 2021

The Old Dog Shiraz 2021

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“It’s the old dog for the hard road and the puppy dog for the footpath”

Variety: Shiraz

Region: Barossa Valley
Alc/Vol: 14%
Winemaker: John Harris

Colour: Deep dark black with a purple crimson hue.

Bouquet: Initially the overwhelming characters on the nose are blackberry and plum which is consistent with the select vineyard source. Blackcurrant and chocolate reveal themselves when allowed to breathe.

Palate: Probably the most full-bodied Old Dog we have seen in recent years which is a reflection of vintage and vineyard source, therefore I suggest allowing it to breathe if drinking in its youth. The dark plum and blackberry carry over from the nose whilst some blueberry, chocolate and liquorice all play alongside each other harmoniously. The finish shows silky-smooth tannins, soft under-lying oak and earthy characters which are pivotal to the balance of this wine. We release this wine to ensure the drinkability upon release as well as longevity although do suggest allowing this exceptional Shiraz to breathe to truly reflect perfectly who we are and where we are in terms of fruit source and sub regional character from another great Barossa Valley vintage, which celebrates our commitment to the region, traditional winemaking and hands off approach.

Winemaking: Sourced from a patchwork of vineyards in the north western side of the Barossa Valley. The Shiraz grapes were individually picked out in the vineyard for their exceptional quality, hence we allow the use of multiple sites to ensure optimum flavour profile. The grapes are picked and delivered to the winery and gently worked through the de-stemmer before being transferred to 2 and 4 tonne open fermenters. The juice is pumped over twice a day for seven days before draining and loading the basket press. The skins are then gently pressed for approximately 20 hours to retrieve more of the essence of the grape. After the wine has completed its malolactic ferment it is matured in new 15% and older 75% oak barrels for 12 months prior to bottling with minimal fining and filtration.

Cellaring: We suggest decanting and allowing to breathe if drinking early as our natural winemaking techniques can mean sediment may be present in the wine. The Old Dog Shiraz will mature and evolve in bottle for up to 10 years.